Minggu, 24 Februari 2013

{Weddings Make Me Weep}

I was honored to be able to do cupcakes for a truly lovely couple last Saturday. I wanted to share a photo I took from the evening. Her colors were off-white & purple...absolutely perfect and beautiful. So happy for them & loved how everything turned out.

Such a sweet thing, weddings...I was so happy to be involved with such a lovely event.

Thank you Gina!

New, Fresh, Happenin'!

The last few months have been a crazy whirlwind for my family. My husband recently got a new job in the plumbing field while he's in plumbing school. The hours are long and it makes for some crazy scheduling difficulties at times, personally and business wise. This has caused me to really think about what is important and what is needed for my family.

Lately I have been feeling like I'm trying to do it all and failing miserably. Half of me is a homemaker and half is a business women. I'm putting 50% into both and I considered stopping my business. Of course, I delayed any announcements because deep down this is a part of me that I love dearly and don't want to lose. It seemed to be a complete reality that I was going to be a failure until something dawned on me. I can have both, it's all about compromise. My children can not take a break. They are pieces of my heart and I want to do the best for them while I can. So putting my full self into them & continuing my baking love affair is 100% doable.

So here's the deal. I will not be taking anymore orders and I am going to close my website. BUT, I will be doing massive group sales (which is what people seem to like the most anyway.) So every time I can I will pick 4 or 5 cupcake flavors, bake them up, & do single, 2-pack, 4-pack, 6-pack, or dozen sales of assorted flavors. I'll still create flavors when I can. My hope is to go mobile with my own food truck (or maybe even an equipped car?) and tweet & facebook my location once or twice a month. What a perfect way to start toward that goal!

At some point my kids will be in school and I'll be able to start taking orders again, but until then thank you for your support and I hope to serve your cupcake needs in the future! If you'd like to know when the cupcake specials will be please join my mailing list!

Keep smiling...